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Review of the Foreo cleanser

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This is a review for the Foreo Luna 2 for Sensitive skin (the lavender coloured one). The Foreo is a silicone made cleansing device that was created to give you a deep cleanse with up to "8000

transdermal sonic pulsations per minute". Wow!!!!  In other words, You're supposed to get a really deep clean out of it and on the other side you can benefit from an anti-aging settings. 

Let me start by saying that I used to have a Clarisonic in the past. Although it cleansed my skin very well. I felt it was a little bit too harsh for my sensitive, dry skin even with the sensitive brush you could purchase separately. So I ended up giving it away to one of my friends. I found that my skin has always been very sensitive, dry and prone to both clogged pores and acne so I have been very careful with my skin regimen and at the same time I'm always trying new products to improve it. Like most of you MUA's out there I'm forever in search for my HG products and in all honesty I think I've found it.

The Foreo Luna is different than the Clarisonic in many ways. I don't want to put down the Clarionic just because it didn't work out with my skin type, I'm sure it works for others. But I just see more benefits with the Foreo. For example,   Instead of a cleansing brush with bristles it has a "cleansing surface" with soft little silicone touch points, which I find are not abrasive against my skin. I like the fact that I don't have to replace the head every 3 months (and waste 35$+ on the brush) because the material it is made out of is very hygienic and easily washable, so there is no need to replace it.  Apparently the Foreo is dishwasher safe too but I don't see myself going that far when I can easily clean it under the sink with a cleanser cleaner product. 

I have been using my Luna 2 for sensitive skin for nearly 4 months now and I have to say that I really love it! The main difference I've noticed with my skin is that my pores appear smaller, and that my skin feels a lot smoother. My problem areas have always been the left side of my cheek and my forehead when it comes to break outs. (and no It's not because I sleep on my left side when I go to bed) I just tend to get clogged pores in those areas and ever since I started using the Foreo they're literally vanishing! I know this is starting to sound like a sponsored ad, but trust me it's not.  I purchased this with my hard earned money.

The silicone "brush" is just so soft, it feels like I'm massaging my skin, as well as gently exfoliating it. I love how there is a set in timer on it as well. As it vibrates on your skin it will pulsate which is an indicator that you must move onto another area on your face. It also turns off automatically within 3 minutes of use. 

It is also important to note that you're supposed to use this AFTER removing all your makeup and once you have removed your makeup,  use it with a cleanser not some exfoliant because those little beads/sand bits can potentially damage the silicone. I find that when I use it, it literally just glides over my skin, you don't ever want to rub it in because that could lead to excess exfoliation/irritation. 

The reason I purchased the Luna 2 for sensitive skin and not the baby pink one which is for a combination of sensitive/normal skin  (and a little cheaper too)  was literally for the colour. I knew the other one could have worked as well because I felt it at the store and did my research before making this purchase. It felt soft too, and majority of the bristles on that model were similar to mine.  I just loved the colour of the one I got and figured that I'm going to have this for a long time and use it every morning and night so might as well get one that I don't mind looking at. 

Also I purchased the big model opposed to the mini because I wanted to use the anti-aging settings. To touch base with the anti-aging settings, I don't really have wrinkles yet but I do use it routinely and it just feels nice on the skin as if I'm getting a massage on the areas where my skin is wrinkle prone.  I use the anti-aging mode on my forehead too when I get headaches and it has helped relieve them after 5 minutes of use with light pressure over the sinus cavity areas just under my eyes and again above my eyebrows. This was not a use I expected to have, but it works amazing. 

 Technical side note: I really like that this can hold a charge. Six months in, and I've only had to plug it in once - with the initial charge. 

My ratings are 5/5

I would recommend this to a friend.


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    1. Thank you :) The Foreo was a little on the pricey side so I had to do a lot of research before making the purchase.