Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil - Rip Off

This oil is a top seller at Sephora. Regrettably, I have bought it a couple of times myself from there in the past. It has so many benefits and it is so versitile, it's hard to resist.  You can use it anywhere, on your face, on your hair and on your nails. Today, we will explore it's benefits and the "an arm and a leg" price.
Some benefits of Argan Oil include:
  • The Vitamin A, E, anti-oxidents, and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • It absorbs easily to the skin and does not leave a residue
  • Treating skin infections, bug bites and rashes
  • Reducing sebum levels for acne sufferers
  • Preventing stretch marks by improving elasticity of the skin
  • Soothing razor bumps and burns
If you're still reading this, you might be one of those intelligent consumers who are curious about 

argan oil benefits, but unsure if it is worth the investment. What Argan oil does for your skin is great. However Josie Maran's Argan Oil is such a rip off! I was furious when I found out how over priced her products are compared to other leading brands out there that sell the exact same stuff. All Josie Maran's oil is - is just a name slapped onto good ol' Argan Oil.
I have always been familiar with the fact that Argan Oil is good for your skin. I just never really looked that much into it cost wise and how it's made. Josie Maran priced a little 1.7 oz bottle for 60$ CAD. If you're going to use it for all the benefits I have jotted above - this bottle will not last you even a week. Did you know you could buy the exact same item for a fraction of the cost? Oh, well I'll get into that. :)
In brief, I'm going to give you a little background about Argan Oil that you should be aware about.  It's an organic product. Which comes from a small part in Morocco. Every Argan Oil out there comes from that same location. Majority of Argan Oil brands you will come across will be less expensive than Josie Maran's.
When you go to the super market or even an Indian super market (Which is where I ended up getting mine from), Make sure you take a look at the ingredients. You would want it to say pure 100% oil and cold-pressed. There are a lot of companies out there who do make imitations, if you can I would recommend smelling it. Part of the argan harvesting process involves roasting the seeds, which gives the final product a nutty sort of scent or sometimes even like popcorn. Counterfeit argan, however, often has a sour or revolting smell to it or no smell whatsoever. Also avoid a bottle that is clear or made out of plastic because it could make the oil deteriorate.  Good quality Argan Oil will be found in a dark coloured glass bottle (either amber or blue for example).
 This post isn't to endorse other brands but more so to create awareness about how costly this Argan Oil is.  I had to put a few company's below just to show you the price differences. 
Argan Tree

Some Alternative Examples:
  1. Organic Argan Oil 100% Pure & Ecocert Certified by IntaNatural.    120 ml = $44.24
  2. Majestic Mountain Sage.                                                                                      4 oz = $8.00
  3. Garden of Wisdom.                                                                                                 1 oz = $9.65
  4. Josie Maran 100 percent pure Argan Oil                                            1.7oz/50 ml = $60.00
Rating = 2/5     (Low ratings due to price - Product is still good though if you don't mind spending more)
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  2. https://www.thesage.com/catalog/products/Argan-Oil.html
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